Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Knowledge Transfer Activities – Lynne Murphy / Lynneguist

Regular blog readers:  This post is a little egotistical linkfest that I had to do for a job-related reason. Comments are closed, but if you know of other links I should put under these categories or encounter dead links, please feel free to email me!

Knowledge Transfer Activities – Lynne Murphy / Lynneguist

1.     Links to information about past talks
a.     ‘How America saved the English language’:
Skeptics in the Pub: Eastbourne (Dec 2013), Ealing (Sept 2013); Kent Skeptics in the Pub Roadshow (Sept 2013); Tunbridge Wells (July 2013); Guildford (Mar 2013), Brighton (Oct 2012), Horsham (May 2012).
Discussed at:
Alison Amazed (Brighton Catalyst Club), Tannice (Horsham Skeptics), Atomies (Ealing Skeptics)

b.      ‘Whose Language is it Anyway?’. Brighton Book Festival, June 2011.

c.       ‘And now for something completely English’. Brighton SEO Sept 2012 conference.

e.        ‘The politeness of the Brits?’ Catalyst Club, Brighton, Sept 2011.  [See also TEDx talk in §2.]

2.     Links to online videos
a.     TEDx Sussex, April 2012. American and British Politeness
b.     Numberphile (Periodic Videos, dir. Brady Haran): Math versus maths, June 2013.
c.     Numberphile (Periodic Videos, dir. Brady Haran): Numbers Confuse Americans, July 2013.
Reposted/discussed at:  Numberphile, BBC America: Mind the Gap

3.     Links to media appearances
a.     Sept 2013. Fry’s English Delight (BBC Radio 4). Commenting on Noah Webster’s role in spelling reform in America. Originally broadcast 2 September.
b.     July 2013. The Today Show (NBC, US). Interviewed for ‘Deciphering Duchess Kate’s British English’.
c.     May 2013 Today (BBC Radio 4), reposted on BBC News US & Canada. Interview with Evan Davies on Britishisms in American English. Broadcast 22 May 2013.
d.     Autumn 2012. Quoted on Britishisms in American English:
Atlantic Wire, ‘Are you an Anglocreep?
e.     Aug/Sept 2011. The World in Words with Patrick Cox (Public Radio International). Two part interview (part one and part two).
f.      Dec 2009. Imagine: Scrabble (BBC1). Interviewed by Alan Yentob on the word-knowledge of Scrabble players. Broadcast 23 Dec. Appearance listed on IMDB.

4.     Google Analytics 

5.     Evidence of use of SbaCL and other work in the language professions and as a reference source
a.     General reference
 A Way with Words: ‘How British and American first meetings differ’
b.     Professional editors
Number 8 in the list of Top 20 resources on language in (Guardian Production Editor) David Marsh’s For Who the Bell Tolls.
c.     Translators
Translation Advisor, interview on the differences between translating to UK and US English.
d.     Communications training:
July 2012. Emphasis: Business Writing Trainers (blog), ‘Ten differences between UK and US English’. Guest contributor.
Feb 2012. Emphasis Writing Communication Lab. Podcast interview.