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My plan is to add links to my newsletter as I go along here, so that there's a way for non-subscribers to access old ones.  

If you'd like to subscribe to the newsletter, follow this link. You'll get around one newsletter per month. The newsletters (as you can see if you click through on these) have something about British–American linguistic relations (often linking to blog posts here), a bit about what I've been up to in my Lynneguist life (as well as things in the works), and links to things I've found interesting. 

Here are links to the existing newsletters in reverse chronological order:

26 Nov 2023: The mobility issue

22 Oct 2023: Sound/Raise the alarm!

17 Sept 2023: Fun, funner, funnest!

21 August 2023: To Sir and Miss

3 July 2023: It is meant to be! 

22 May 2023: Games Lynneguists play

8 May 2023: Lynne's linguistic baggage

16 Apr 2023: R put a spell on you 

19 Mar 2023: Mothering Sunday

27 Feb 2023: Vet's call the whole thing off  Missing link from the post

29 Jan 2023: The one where Lynne shoulda been marking

15 Jan 2023: What if I say 'please'?    Erratum

8 Jan 2023: So long 2022, and thanks for all the WotYs

18 Dec 2022: Go west! Or maybe don't

11 Dec 2022: A cracker of a newsletter  PS: quiz answers for 4 Dec 

4 Dec 2022:  WotYs R Us

27 Nov 2022: You say 'football', I say 'separated by a common language'

20 Nov 2022:  My first newsletter: is it a HOMER?

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AmE = American English
BrE = British English
OED = Oxford English Dictionary (online)